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A task force sent out to demolish the beast
A creature aquatic destructive obscene
The outcome of genetic research perverse
There is no death worse
Ambushed from below while still en route the beast is cunning beyond
Measure men were not prepared to face this horror biblical in
Nature defied cannot hide from this genocide
The mission has been for naught
And will they never respond to our S.O.S.s?
The dishonourable captain abandons ship
The mission, failed, aborted, to clean up their messes
Will we survive the Giant Octopus Attack?
Tentacles arise from cold black waves (G.O.A.)
Way up high blot the sky sealing in dismal fate (G.O.A.)
Crushing down pulling in fresh victims to its beak (G.O.A.)
Devouring them while all the rest are left to brave turbulent seas (G.O.A.)
Giant cephalopod attack
Giant octopus attack
And in its wake, they’re all swept into a violent maelstrom


from Shantanu, released April 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Sardonius Boston, Massachusetts

Jerks making angry, angry music.

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