by Sardonius

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Five thrash metal tracks to kick you in the teeth! Dedicated to my family, my friends, and mi reina.


released April 17, 2015

Yoav Ruiz-Feingold - Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar
Julian Salas - Rhythm Guitar
Gray Trainer - Lead Guitar
Ryan Glick - Drums
The Gang - Vocals
Ethan Leff - Tracking Engineer
David Fuller - Production and Mix



all rights reserved


Sardonius Boston, Massachusetts

Jerks making angry, angry music.

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Track Name: God Complex
Puppets built to combat oppressors
Army of reanimated dead
Nazi regime kills the transgressors
Secret of life shall bring violent end
Consecrate your life into this puppet that I build
Wood stained by the blood of the life that you once had lived
Living marionettes brought to life by my science
Fighting wars justified forever rending my mind
A general leading a now causeless army
World war has ended leaving me with nothing
My puppets now slaves their purpose obsolete
Forever trapped by my God Complex killings repeat
Designed to assassinate monsters
Become that of which they fought against
Carry out my bidding to murder
Comrades have become servants enslaved
Dance for me
Track Name: G.O.A.
A task force sent out to demolish the beast
A creature aquatic destructive obscene
The outcome of genetic research perverse
There is no death worse
Ambushed from below while still en route the beast is cunning beyond
Measure men were not prepared to face this horror biblical in
Nature defied cannot hide from this genocide
The mission has been for naught
And will they never respond to our S.O.S.s?
The dishonourable captain abandons ship
The mission, failed, aborted, to clean up their messes
Will we survive the Giant Octopus Attack?
Tentacles arise from cold black waves (G.O.A.)
Way up high blot the sky sealing in dismal fate (G.O.A.)
Crushing down pulling in fresh victims to its beak (G.O.A.)
Devouring them while all the rest are left to brave turbulent seas (G.O.A.)
Giant cephalopod attack
Giant octopus attack
And in its wake, they’re all swept into a violent maelstrom
Track Name: Slasher
Spring break vacation for the young generation
Friends spend the night at the cottage, secluded
A night to never forget, never remember,
For tonight they delve in drugs sex and murder
First blood is spilled, no one could care,
Nobody knew it, no one knew where
Death on the road, hatchet to the back of head
Bludgeoned to a pulp, mangled, bloody and red
Next up to die is the hot teenage bitch
Shallow and vapid she won’t be missed
Murder in the garden, sheer digit amputation
Fingers cut off disemboweled with a trowel
Before made aware horny couple made love
Two birds with one stone axe slays from above
Enthralled in coitus the killer struck unseen
Cut down the middle from her breasts to his spleen
Now the secret’s out the remaining three are scared
The virgin, the jock, the culturally impaired
Too bad minorities are awarded no amnesty
The Indian boy stabbed one hundred times with a butcher knife
Now it’s revealed that the killer was him
Unbridled lust led to killing on whim
He lusted for years could you not feel his eyes?
He’s a big murderer big fucking surprise
The sweet innocent princess mans the fuck up
Her will to live means that she makes the cut
She alone kills the creep with a symbolic thrust
Ends it with a coup de grâce, no sequels they suck
Slasher slash her
Slasher slash him
Track Name: Schizoid
A lifetime of solitude, his emotion eschewed, doesn’t give a fuck about anyone else
Cold blooded and meek, empathetically bleak, a tragedy of a man
Detached from what makes him human, living automaton
Unknown that he’s not there, withdrawn, unknown
That he’s lost touch with the world, self control, prisoner of his mind
There’s no intimacy, promiscuity, feeds fantasy, apathy
Self-control, repression has taken its toll
Prisoner, transcendence will never occur
Promiscuous, he uses people with indifference
Fantasy, he lives in this life absently
Schizoid, his existence is one big void
Mental, his disorder proves detrimental
Mentally ill
Track Name: Hellbound Heart
Sadomasochist hell-bent on pain
He deserved to die for his life of blood
Adulteress slaughters suitors
She lives a lie, takes life for love
Raise hell
Resurrect the dead, sacrifice
Spill the blood of men, Hellbound heart
Discord, distrust, death, dishonesty
She screams, murder, breath in ecstasy
As the lament configuration brings torture perverse to those guilty he who has escaped from damnation
A family torn apart by sin, unfaithful lecherous wife betrays wicked revenant’s good brother’s kin
Lures innocent men to the deathbed, seduced, trapped, their life taken away, the carcasses consumed by the dead
He grows stronger with each casualty, usurps brother’s life, skin, family, lusting for his own niece perversely
(Raises hell)
Daughter of the slain takes revenge
Kills stepmother who betrayed them
Hellbound heart